Welcome to the new Durban Wireless Community (DWC) Website.


The Durban Wireless Community Aims:

  • To foster goodwill between Wuggers and to promote wireless communication as a hobby.
  • To inspire a love of networking technology and provide an environment for members to develop their technical skills
  • To be an open platform for high speed data communications in and around Durban
  • To promote a focus on uptime, reliability & availability of the network and it’s resources wherever possible through deployment of stable infrastructure and redundancy
  • To offer backup IP communications in emergencies and during disasters – similar to HAM Radio
  • To be a holistic IP network – not one which is focused exclusively on “filesharing”
  • To provide useful services for members (Traffic cams, weather stations, file mirrors etc)


The aim of this website is to serve as a first line of support answer questions that any new potential member may have, as well as to keep the current community informed of new installations and general community updates.

We will also be posting pictures of our new installations as well as upgrades to existing sites. If you wish to volunteer to assist at one of our installations or upgrades, please feel free to contact us via the contact details on this website of via Facebook.

Please note that the majority of our communication happens on our Facebook page – if you would like to chat with the community, come and join us on Facebook….